About our International Academy

Heart N Hustle has created an academy for athletes who are seeking to play college basketball, but are currently living in foreign markets such as Europe, Asia, or the Middle East. We have partnered with multiple companies in order to provide top knotch quality for all athletes who are accepted into our program. Our prime location of Orlando, Fl allows us to promote athletes to many coaches who come to Florida to check out the top talent we have to offer.


We will provide our international athletes with top knotch training to improve their skills and also their basketball IQ. Training will be minimum two times a day. 


We have housing for all athletes and transportation to/from training facilities as well as game venues. We are partnered with the Cooking Angels who will provide three meals a day, to help athletes perform at their optimum performance.  


 We will put athletes in a position to be seen by college coaches and also our recruiter on staff will aid athletes in the recruiting process to help them obtain a college scholarship. We are partnered with B.e.a.s.t. Productionz, which specializes in college recruiting and placement. 


Here are some words from our International Academy Alumni!

My experience with Hearth & Hustle was unique. This was my first trip out of Brazil and my first experience playing in a different game style from Brazil as well. All the work of Coach Caio and Coach Beas coaches on the court and in the physical preparation is spectacular. Individual work to improve your movements and polish your techniques are key and this was certainly one of the things that I loved the most, the trainings! Other than that, it was the support that the Coach Caio gave me that was the housing, food and transportation to all the places that we were going. another important detail was that I knew almost nothing of the language and that was not a problem, coach Caio and coach Beas always found a way to explain and make me understand. I am very grateful for all the effort, patience and especially for the opportunity they gave me to participate in this time together with them.
Arthur Francisco
From Brazil
I have to say thank you, you guys are excellent coaches and personal trainers. My experience was amazing with the Heart N Hustle Staff. I really enjoyed my time there. I learned a lot and improved my basketball. My english wasn’t good and I had a hard time trying to say something but the coaches and the teammates understood that and they helped me by trying to make words easier and understand what you guys saying better. Was one of my best basketball trip. All I have to say is thank you!
Mateus Rohden
From Brazil
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